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by : Fajar Sastrowijoyo

This technique can be applied to add Tumblr button or anything-button easily WITHOUT using any 3rd party softwares. And this technique makes the buttons appear in all of your posts. So you only need to do this once in a lifetime. The buttons will stick in all your posts forever. Neat, huh? ^^

These days everybody knows how to easily add Facebook Share OR Like button in each of your wordpress posts. It’s just using the built in Sharing service in WordPress. Sadly this feature can only display either Share OR Like, and not both. So people wonders how to add both of these 2 buttons there. And actually its very simple. Just follow these steps down here

The steps are:

1. Firstly, enter your dashboard. see the wordpress sidebar on your left. If you scroll down, you will see the Settings tab. Expand it and you’ll see the Sharing there. Click on it.



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