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by : Fajar Sastrowijoyo

This technique can be applied to add Tumblr button or anything-button easily WITHOUT using any 3rd party softwares. And this technique makes the buttons appear in all of your posts. So you only need to do this once in a lifetime. The buttons will stick in all your posts forever. Neat, huh? ^^

These days everybody knows how to easily add Facebook Share OR Like button in each of your wordpress posts. It’s just using the built in Sharing service in WordPress. Sadly this feature can only display either Share OR Like, and not both. So people wonders how to add both of these 2 buttons there. And actually its very simple. Just follow these steps down here

The steps are:

1. Firstly, enter your dashboard. see the wordpress sidebar on your left. If you scroll down, you will see the Settings tab. Expand it and you’ll see the Sharing there. Click on it.



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These few weeks had been great. I’d participated in two great researches. Thanks for all colleagues, we’ve succeeded and gained something valuable from those researches.

We entered those researches into two championships and we succeeded in gaining 1st rank in Rekind Award and 5th rank in National Innovation Contest.

For the Rekind Award, we researched a “Low Speed Generator”. It’s basically a new generator topology that enabled that generator to operate in Low Speed. It’s useful for renewable energy power plants applications such as microhidros, wind power plants, etc.

For the National Innovation Contest, we researched a “Low Speed Optimum Wind Extractor”. It’s a set of devices that enables wind power plants to extract power at low speed. It’s useful in Indonesia because we only had low wind speed here in our country.

The detailed explanations about our researches can be found in http://konversi.wordpress.com/

As for the photos, here they are 😀 :




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phew, it’s been awhile since i get some spare time to write in blog like this 🙂

now that i get the chance, i’ll wrote about some events happened recently.

The first is that i’ve competed in the PLC programming competitions 2008 and i’ve been successful 😀

Fortunately I’ve won first prize! Wow, it was unpredictable since the rivalry had been strict. We competed with people from the whole nation. Literally whole because there are many rivals from faraway places like Sumatera and Sulawesi. The challenge even got bigger because our rivals came from schools where PLC training and education had been compulsory. (For us in ITB Electrical Engineering, we never had any PLC course). I’ve just happen to experience some programming through my Internship. The rest, I’ve gotta learn by myself.

So, well, I’ve expected a prize but not the first one, and when they announce that I’m the first winner, I’m shocked in happiness. Hehe,,, my late sleeping that entire weeks worth something. 😀

And to add the happiness, my juniors won the sixth prize too. We’ve high hopes for the juniors for the next competitions.

So here’s the champion lists:

1st Winner
Wisnu Fajar Baskoro dan Fajar Sastrowijoyo (TE ITB)

2nd Winner
Andry Novi Ardi dan Johanes Gunawan (T.Mekatronika POLTEX RIAU)

3rd Winner
Aditya Eka PS dan Ade Ariesta (TE Universitas Surabaya)

4th Winner
Iqbal Zakariah dan Mutmainnah (TE Universitas Hasanuddin)

5th Winner
Samuel Miarsa Lemuel dan Andri Pradipta (Elektro Maranatha)

6th Winner
Ryvo Octaviano dan M.Bitang HP (TE ITB)

Best Teamwork
Ifang Nafsan dan Dihanto (FT ITB)

1st Creative Team

Sholahudin N dan Riski Fitriyadi (TE POLTEK BATAM)

2nd Creative Team
Shinta Widyasari dan Arif Abdul Manan (Elektro Brawijaya)

3rd Creative Team
Dade Mukti Wijaya dan Joko Purwono (TM UGM)

And here’s the photos

And next, lately I’ve took a walk with my friends from ITB to a remote place in the north called Maribaya. I mean literally (again) walk, cause we’re really walking. No vehicles, just our feet. It’s probably 4-5 hours rough walking. through hills, caves (i mean it, really), and spooky forests.

We took the walk because we’re bored by blasted Bandung city life. We wanted to feel nature again. It was tough, but it was worthed. The view was sadisticly great!! and the experience also 😀

Well you could just see all the photos 🙂

after that, we went back to Bandung by hitchhiking on a half-empty veggies truck 😀

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Line Follower Robot

Last week I’ve just made a simple line following robot. So I want to share my experiences to you all. Especially electronic freaks and robot fans 😀 I say simple because it’s really so. Me and my friends (Setyo and Awal) just need 3 days total in building the robot.

Basically, just head to this page, it will help you with most of the basic theory needed for building the line follower. But I didn’t follow all the designs. I used a tank platform here. But I used project boards here. no PCBs. And there’s just a little difference in the mechanical design. The controller and everything’s just the same. But there are some schemes that will not work there. I’ll explain them and the way to debug.

First, the sensory scheme is not working with me. The receiver IRs won’t work. I dunno why. But I’ve made a little improvisation and it works. This is the scheme. Actually this is the sensory scheme from http://www.kmitl.ac.th.

Second, the program sourcecode will not work in Keil, so if you’re using Keil, you should compile this modified sourcecode.

If you do everything that is stated there and follow my debugging process, I think you’ll succeed.

Here is the pictures from my robot. His name’s Gugun 😀

And here is the sensory circuit (it’s on the bottom of the robot)

bird-eye view

Anyway, good luck to all of you who want to make this thing 😀

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I have some simple steps to disinfect this. Just read down below 😛

Seems like this virus has attacked so many people around me right now. I’ve took an attack too last few days, and I got hit rather hard by it. This virus attacked .exe files by adding some more size and making stupid antiviruses think that it is a virus. So if your antivirus is bad, it might just delete the files and ka-boom! your windows will be crashed… And if you’ve got attacked by that virus and you want to install an antivirus to prevent that, the .exe files of the antivirus will be infected too. That way, these stupid antiviruses will close it’s own program. So basically you can’t install antiviruses. I searched the internet, but there isn’t any simple moves to get rid of that in there.

So last night me and my friend tried something simple and it worked! The virus couldn’t be taken out entirely but it became harmless. And future antiviruses could remove it completely.

Here’s the steps:

1. Take your infected hard drive out of your PC.

2. Go to someone who have the latest updated Kaspersky antivirus (AVG won’t work, and i haven’t try the others…)

3. Put your hard drive to his/her PC

4. Run his/her windows.

5. Scan your hard drive using his/her Kaspersky antivirus. You’ll find out that most of your .exe files have been infected.

6. Disinfect all of them

7. You will find that some files in your system32 couldn’t be disinfected. this is the core of the virus. get rid of them.

8. You will find that a file couldn’t be deleted. this is the main problem. i haven’t find out how to delete this. Just leave it alone

9. Copy the installer of the kaspersky from his/her computer.

10. Run your windows, install the kaspersky and update it to the latest version

11. VOILA!! your PC is safe now.

After this, the main virus will try to infect files again but it will be blocked by kaspersky. Ignore it now. I myself couldn’t do anything about the main virus. But it is harmless as kaspersky will block it’s movement. As far as i know, no antiviruses could kill the main virus. But if you know something, please tell me. Sorry if the information is outdated or worthless. I couldn’t find something this simple in the net. I just thought that some people would want to know this…

That’s all……

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