Once again, would you fuckers please stop stigmating pork as a dirty or unhealthy food???

OK, first of all, before you throw in derogatory comments and brand me as devil-induced-infidel-which-needs-to-be-burned-at-stakes-and-beheaded-and-castrated-afterwards, do understand first that I’m not attacking any religious beliefs here. I’m not speaking about religious reasons here. I respect your religion and I also always warn my Muslim or Jew friends if there’s even a small probability that their food contains pork (especially here in Korea) so that they can avoid it. Cos I respect religion and thus I won’t criticize any of the religious based prohibition. It’s from God, therefore every religion is correct. But that’s it!

Don’t fuckin’ try to find any scientific justification for it cos it’s usually fuckin’ entirely baseless!!!

Why? Firstly, every meal is infectious and full of diseases IF NOT PREPARED CORRECTLY.

this, is cleary prepared not correctly.

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Jam menunjukkan pukul 6.59 waktu standar Korea. Dalam keadaan masih setengah sadar karena camping 2 hari dan tidak tidur di Pentaport Rock Festival Incheon, tiba2 ada SMS masuk. Agak malas saya menerimanya. Kemarin setelah Simple Plan selesai melantunkan lagu terakhir, hujan turun begitu deras. Panitia mengumumkan bahwa ada kiriman badai dari Korea ke Jepang. Mereka menghimbau semua orang untuk berkemas secepat mungkin dan meninggalkan camping ground, entah kemana. Semua orang exodus dalam hujan deras, termasuk rombongan saya yang memilih mencari taksi menuju asrama harian terdekat.

Ah cukup sudah intermezzo-nya. Bis melaju pelan entah kenapa, saya jadi susah tidur, dan tertarik membaca SMS yg masuk. Ternyata dari pacar, dan di excerpt message tertulis “bun..mami…” Deg. Jantung berdegup. Langsung saya buka SMS nya. Ternyata benar berita dukacita. Mami Kantin, mami yang kami semua sayangi dan menyayangi kita semua itu, sudah meninggal dengan tenang, baru saja.

Mami, mami. Mami yang selalu menyapa kami dengan senyuman dan candaan, sejak jaman SMA, “Halo anakku kok lagi nongol dino iki” dan “Lho anakku ngopo mrene yah mene? Mbolos meneh yooo? Takkethaki lho kowe!

Mami Kantin

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by : Fajar Sastrowijoyo

This technique can be applied to add Tumblr button or anything-button easily WITHOUT using any 3rd party softwares. And this technique makes the buttons appear in all of your posts. So you only need to do this once in a lifetime. The buttons will stick in all your posts forever. Neat, huh? ^^

These days everybody knows how to easily add Facebook Share OR Like button in each of your wordpress posts. It’s just using the built in Sharing service in WordPress. Sadly this feature can only display either Share OR Like, and not both. So people wonders how to add both of these 2 buttons there. And actually its very simple. Just follow these steps down here

The steps are:

1. Firstly, enter your dashboard. see the wordpress sidebar on your left. If you scroll down, you will see the Settings tab. Expand it and you’ll see the Sharing there. Click on it.

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